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Role Planet

Improvised dialogue is the best way to learn English!

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  1. What is Role Planet?

    Role Planet is a universal iOS app made for teaching and learning English in school or at home.

    At the core, Role Planet is a collection of engaging role-plays. In our experience, role-playing in pairs is a great way to get everyone talking, even those pupils usually too scared or shy to speak English aloud in class.

  2. Why Role-Playing?

    Engaging in improvised dialogues are essential when learning a new language.

    When using Role Planet the participants are given a context and an opening line to get the dialogue started. Furthermore, each role-play is given optional arguments and a glossary to keep the coversation going.

  3. Why Role Planet?

    If you are learning English, use Role Planet to improve your pronuncation, to monitor your development, share your dialogues and have fun speaking English!

    If you teach English, Role Planet keeps you organised, makes it easy to pick a relevant role-play, and to quiz your class at the end of your lesson.

  1. Funnies


    Lighthearted role-plays created to get everyone talking, fast.

  2. Factuals


    Fact based role-plays, suitable for a more matter-of-fact styled performance.

  3. AirPlay is supported


    Both role-plays and quiz support AirPlay – perfect for the classroom.

  4. Bookmark role-plays for easy access


    For quick and easy access, bookmark role-plays you plan to use later on.

  5. Fact Based role-plays

    Fact Sheet

    Fact based role-plays have a fact sheet with key facts, a flag and related references.

  6. Make it easy for yourself


    If a role-play is a big success in class, making it a favourite will help you plan other classes.

  7. Record your own voice

    Recording Studio

    Use the Studio to perfect your British and/or American pronunciation. Share your recordings by email.

  8. Listen to the voices


    Enjoy hours of audio: All role-plays and glossary are professionally voiced.

  9. Quiz to Learn


    Use the quiz to learn the meaning of words, and test your English and Role Planet knowledge.

  10. Role Planet in the Classroom

    Classroom Mode

    Augment your lesson by playing the role-plays and opening line to your class.

Four Setups

setup-speakers setup-wired setup-airplay
  1. To amplify the audio from your device, connect an external speaker to the headphone jack on your device.
  2. If the room is equipped with AirPlay compatible speakers, connecting to them is easy: swipe up to access Control Center, tap AirPlay and select the speaker from the list of available AirPlay devices. Apple gives more details on their web site.
  3. To connect your device to a television or projector you'll need a Lightning Digital AV Adapter. Even when connected to a second screen using the Lightning connector, you can connect additional speakers using the headphone jack of your device.
  4. To wirelessly connect to a second screen (television or projector), it has to support AirPlay. If it doesn't support AirPlay, simply connect an AppleTV to the second screen as the AppleTV supports AirPlay. Ensure that both your device and the AirPlay compatible unit are connected to the same local network. To establish the AirPlay connection swipe up to access Control Center and tap AirPlay. Now select the second screen or AppleTV from the list, and tap the associated switch to enable mirroring. Apple gives more details on their web site.


Our introduction to Role Planet (pdf) will explain the different features of the app in a bit more detail.

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